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 plz look here

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PostSubject: plz look here   Mon Jul 02, 2007 9:34 pm

<BLOCKQUOTE id=4455b5c7>
<BLOCKQUOTE id=4455b5c7>ok i'm form the clan Justice Lords Unlimited i was askin the new leader if they wanted to be in allies wit us....this massage is from the Leader of r Unlimited Lords......passed by the 7 main members in a meetin they ad yesterday is was said by urking mickey who is # 1 of the 7 main members that he has a good feelin in this clan that 2 allies wit and that the person he was makein leader well do good and if he ever wanted to come back let him take his place back at the just talk to him ready say yes 2 this note</BLOCKQUOTE>
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plz look here
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